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Author Topic: I HAVE RETURNED!!  (Read 3177 times)


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« Reply #15 on: August 22, 2016, 08:15:32 pm »
I do type chat in the game D Day, but how do I find you guys? I'm in quick play all the time learning to fry mechs but I still have a ton of questions about the game. Besides the whole point is to talk with all my friends again. I will remedy the situation this week so stay tuned! Oh and Momma you still nasty and fat I'm sure unless you went on Penn Gillettes potato diet and dropped a ton o ass!

i sent you a friend invite. lower right corner of game screen, click then click alerts tab.
game will notify me you accepted, then i can invite you to the team, or a group. guys on comms can help you alot once you get on comms.
remember, training grounds and training academy will help with the basics.

basics - lasers are more or less damage dealing up to twice their listed range. ALMOST twice.
ballistics same except they do go double range with a little damage.
LRMs, SRMs and Streaks only do damage to their listed range.

Modules (lots of cbills to a new player) are very expensive. Spend GXP to unlock them, then CBills (game money) to buy them. they can extend the range of a weapon and increase the rate of fire (cooldown).

looking forward to getting you on comms and walking you through parts in the game to help you understand how things work
Life is no respawn, enjoy this round


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