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Author Topic: A Merc Unit is Formed  (Read 2302 times)


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A Merc Unit is Formed
« on: August 28, 2014, 04:05:50 pm »
After the arrival of Smaga to Universal Logistics and several meeting with Commander Hashman, The Blood Pearls and The Warpigs decided to combine forces and become a legitimate Merc Unit.

The idea was to keep our force small, yet one that was strong and flexible. Talent and Loyalty would be the keys to this newly formed unit.

With a list of assets and all the legal paperwork requirements, I made the request to the MRBC, The Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, a new division of ComStar. This Commission would hold the key to us becoming legit and any ratings would also be issued by them. The ratings enable the contract payments. The better the rating the higher the Contract Value. I would make good use of the slush fund to pave our way to become a member.

As it turns out, because of some of my past endeavours, Commander Hashman would need to be listed as the official contact of our new unit. Hashman made it to ComStar and the MRBC in short time and all the papers were filed. It was now official, The Blood Pearls were a legitimate Merc Unit.


Yes Lt. O'Hara?

I have a message from ComStar for you marked "Eyes Only" on a secure channel.

Send it thru LT. Thank you. She did and I coded in to ComStar / MRBC database. It was our welcome message and a contract offer. I took down the details and logged out.

Hash, Smaga ? Vettie here.

Yes, they both responded.

I have received official notification that we are now a rated member of ComStars MRBC and I have a contract offer. Would you like the details?


Ok, I have forwarded the contract to each or you. It appears as if House Liao has some issue with FRR on the planet of St. John. The contract states that we must take over the garrison on St. John and secure it for four weeks until Liao Forces arrive to reinforce the garrison there. payment for the contract is 20mil CBills to be paid upon completion of the contract and once we turn over the garrison to Liao forces.

This sound doable to each of you?

Yeah Vettie, if Smaga is in agreement, I think we can do this. How many jumps to St. John?

From here? 1 jump and we are there. Blood Pearl 1 has been retrofitted and is ready to go. The Black Pearl and The Red Pearl are also flight ready.
We have some drop ships, 2 Overlords Hell's Pearls and the Blood Lightning, 2 Leopards the Blood Bath and The Short Bus. This means we could take about 80 mechs to fight with. I suggest 20 of each class.

The Contract says the area of conflict is cold and snowy. There is an old freighter that was washed up in the shallows with some flotsam and jetsam floating about. Intel reports that FRR have about 45 battlemechs on planet. Our tonnage is limited to 665 or less. The object here is to reduce FRR forces to below the 12 mech garrison and take over the facilities there. Hold in place for 4 weeks until Liao arrives to claim the planet.

From what I can tell, it looks like it will take us 2 to 4 battles to take FRR down below garrison level at which point they will not be able to reinforce straight away and be forced to surrender the planet. If we take them out in 2 or 2 of 3 battles I suspect that they will counter attack in just a few days at which time they might try to bring in larger numbers to reinforce their now beleaguered forces. With the numbers we can take, even sustaining some losses, I think we can withstand additional battles and hold the planet.

There is a factory on planet. If we capture the planet we can use the factory to rebuild or to build new mechs to reinforce our selves. we have enough parts already assembled on OutReach to assemble a few battles already. I dont know the production capabilities of the factory nor the class of battlemechs that can be assembled there.

So what say you both?

Lets do it says Commander Smaga

Balls to wall says Commander Hashman.

And so it was set. Our first Contract as a Merc Unit.

The three leaders stood in the huge loading facility and watched as mech after mech marched slowly by and onto their Drop Ship vessels.

In just a few days, we, The Blood Pearls Merc Unit, would be enroute to FRR territory, planet - St John.
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Re: A Merc Unit is Formed
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2014, 06:25:57 pm »


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