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Author Topic: Another PPC "Fix" along with Clan ERLL - Vetties View  (Read 1872 times)


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Another PPC "Fix" along with Clan ERLL - Vetties View
« on: August 10, 2014, 12:58:41 pm »
Well its been a couple of days (roughly) since the original nerf to PPCs and Clan ERLL

1- They DID go back and change the ghost heat from 2 to 3 CLAN ERLL - this is a good thing regardless of how i fell about the state of the CLAN ERLL. 2 Weapons of an energy type is not TOO much and does not deserve ghost heat (at least the weapons we have now).

2 - The PPC nerf
My thoughts - The Standard IS PPC was changed to what, 850 speed? I do feel this is a bit low, maybe 950 would have been better and it MAY be changed again so there is hope. The IS ERPPC is 950 now and probably should be 1000. These are just my guesses.

The PPC Family need to be a viable weapon. Most will just change them out for ERLL and go on until the 'next' change. I did on a few myself,I am not afraid to admit it. 

More on my thoughts  - Yes voicing your opinion on the forums is a way to get changes done, Another way is to send an email to support and POST in the SUGGESTIONS forums.

My real thoughts? Other than the speeds I mentioned above, I think people should learn to adjust to the mechanics of the game. Quit all the bitching, wah, my favouite config sux now cause the enemy can move before all my alpha shots hits them from all the way across the map wah...

Learn to use the weapon as it is and learn to lead shoot instead of stopping your mech. shooting at a stationary target or some dumbass (like me) that is charging STRAIGHT at you using no cover and UNZOOM that damned Advanced Zoom when the target is only 400 meters or less in front of you.
Learn to LEAD your target. Imagine actually practicing this instead of griping to get the Dev team to speed up the shot for you...Shocking thought.

So I see 2 REAL problems with the PPC Nerf
1 - People dont want to learn to lead a target - they had rather bitch than learn
2- And possibly the most important one - is Weapon Convergence.

Number 2 is a real Shit Storm (pardon the pun). Imagine if they took convergence down a few notches and your weapons HIT the target you were aiming at,  just not the SPOT you were aiming for! Wah WTF is WRONG with the game? WAH I shot that JERK and hit him in 4 different places but I was aiming for a Head Shot wah...

I am not saying change it much. I am saying change it SOME. The problem all along has been high damage alphas hitting 1 spot or panel on a mech causing 30 (or more) points of damage. My example is as follows
Lets just say I have a Dragon Slayer (one of the problematic 'Meta-Mechs') fielding 2 erppcs and and gauss rifle. Currently If I am (within optimal range) at a panel on a mech and achieve the hit, I will do 35 pts of damage to that torso and 4 seconds later could do it again.

What IF I fired those weapons and some hit where I aiming and some hit the adjacent panel?  I still did the damage, just not to one panel. 

I realize, of course, that in this universe there are computers that assist with the targeting and so on. I get that. Still the mech is operated by a neuro helmet - uh, the human's brain waves basically - and the pilots reflexes / aim. Pilots make mistakes, especially while operating something as complex as a mech, avoidong incoming fire, trying to stay undercover and opting for 'that shot'. All of this in microseconds. So, YEAH, I could see not all of my weapons hitting the same spot on the same panel at 650 meters while I am either running or moving or jumping as IS THE TARGET. Shocking thought there, huh?

PGI could save themselves a LOT of headaches, and a lot of Paul's ass and stress, if they would simply set the weapons speed to where THEY think it should be (whether we agree or not) and dial convergence back a notch or 2 so that weapons could hit 1 of 3 panels in close proximity of each other. More skill would be needed to achieve good hits and kill a mech, but WE (pilots) are a smart bunch, and able to adapt and figure things out. We would overcome and find out that the game is even MORE fun.

The Problem now is that when they nerf a weapon, BECAUSE we are smart and figure a way to overcome, we just figure out the next best weapon combo to do the most damage to a single point in a single shot and we use that until the nerf bat comes along again.

Ever PLAY the board version? IF you ran the Hunchback - 4P with all those medium lasers, and you fired them all at once within optimal range of the weapons at a single target you would find that you hit with most (missed with one or 2 even) and maybe with 2 hit the same panel. You really inflicted damage from each weapon that actually hit to various parts of the enemy mech, not 5 or 6 lasers hitting the SAME panel. It was done this way for a reason. I am not saying spread the damage THAT much, just to the adjacent panels of where YOU (the pilot) is actually aiming.

Convergence is the problem, not weapons speed. change the speed, we will figure out another combo to use. Change the convergence and it doesnt matter what we use, they just wont hit the same place at the same time, until you only have one or 2 weapons left to fire with...

Post away and yes i expect some flames...
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Re: Another PPC "Fix" along with Clan ERLL - Vetties View
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2014, 03:30:50 pm »
There are a lot of things that people will perceive as problems with the game and it's mechanics. The only things at the moment that bother me are the jump jet nerfs and the fall damage model. I can easily live with both but they are still a little meh in my opinion. If they did bring convergence down a bit from being pinpoint then that would probably increase the time to kill which the devs keep saying is a high priority. I Personally don't think convergence is all that big of a problem but that's just me.

If they did introduce a convergence mechanic into the game it would be cool if they had it linked to targeting an enemy. If you locked up your target then your targeting computer would calculate how much to adjust your weapons to converge on where you are aiming. If the enemy is not target locked then your weapons would converge at whatever the default range would be. I think that would be kind of neat to see but we have to remember that MWO has a very high learning curve for new players and adding more complex systems with absolutely no references to go to might just end up hurting the game. One of the biggest things that PGI has not done right so far is properly document the game and its functions. This would help out a lot of new players coming into and returning to the game.


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