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Author Topic: The Pre-Meeting DOWNLOAD ATTACHMENT wont take all the text and NO Quotes...  (Read 3578 times)


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I got back to the office and motioned for O'Hara to come to mine. As she entered the room I told her to shut the door and put up the seal.

Maureen, I need to get in touch with Smaga. Is Doc here today? And do you have a list of the active pilots? I asked her.

Whats going on Vettie? She asked with a real puzzled look on her face.

Well lets just say I hope you have your space legs in shape. I need to talk to Doc, I can go to him, but I gotta talk to Smaga and it needs to be secure. Also, I need a list of my assets, and those that may be, uh, shall we say, stored?

Ok...I take it we can going somewhere? Yes doc is here, he is in the shuttle repair facility. I still have all the codes and I can send the asset list to your Holo Vid. Doc will have to give you the update on status of the assets.  Vettie, can you please fill me in on whats going on?

Maureen, or should I say Lt. O'Hara, we have been given a proposal, one that stands to make us a lot of money. I feel it is worth investigating.

Vettie, you already have more money than you will ever spend. You could buy House Kurita. What do you need with more?

Maureen, I am a warrior. It aint about the money. Its the action, the battles, being on the field with ones comrades, fighting for we think is right. Look around the Inner Sphere. Look at the news. Everywhere you look Houses are engaged in battles over planets, or communications rights, or drilling rights or some other silly thing. There are ComStar reports of issues on the Periphery. I am telling you the Inner Sphere is prime for some major force to come in and take over. A force that is unified and strong could do it, changing our way of life, possibly even enslaving most of the Inner Sphere.

Vettie? Did you take your meds today?

I am serious Maureen. Keep a close watch on the news. Looks for those small, insignificant reports of power outages and communications interruptions. That is where the key will be. Do you still have contact info for Herendo? I heard he was with ComStar News Network now. He was our friend. He owes me some favors. Time to pull in some. Where are we with the slush fund?

Ok, Vettie. I will find Herendo, tell Doc you are on the way, set some scans for Periphery news and your slush fund is pretty high right now. When do you want to talk to Smaga? Do I need to set up another meeting with Hashman?

Good, good, great, ASAP and I will let you know. Give me the codes for Smaga please.

All you need to do is put in your part of the code. If he is around a communicator, he will know. Anything else?

Thats all for now Maureen, thank you.

I entered my personal code into the Holo Vid. Do I want to leave a visual voice message? What the? No.
I punched few more numbers in and Doc showed up on the Holo Vid. Doc, Vettie here. I am on my way to see you. Lots to talk about. Lots.

Vettie, I am pretty busy. We got 3 ships in the bay and 2 on standby, I had 4 call in sick, a bit short handed, I really dont have time for an executive visit, I have actual work to do.

Doc, I will see you in a few minutes. You got foremen, use them. This is important. Vettie out.

But Vettie, I - Damn, he hung up on me. That long haired wanker. I dont have time for this crap today. I got work piling up all around me, he wants to come down here just to nose around, I need a damn raise. Bloody Hell, How did you get here so fast?

Close the door Doc.

Damnit man, if you are going to fire me just do so, so I dont have to put up with your crap. Way too much to do to listen to you today.

I am not going to fire you Doc. I need input.

I have seen this face before man. I dont know what youre thinking, but it usually means more work for me.

Doc, what is the status of Blood Pearl 2? And are any of my personal battlemechs ready for action if the need arises?


I didnt stutter Doc. 2 questions. I need answers.

Well, uh, damnit man. What the bloody hell do you need to know about The Pearl?

Doc, I need the answers. I need them now.

Well, your personal battlemechs are in pristine condition. Loaded and ready to go. The Pearl is in prime form. Ready to be loaded and make her first jump in several years. All systems are working as new. She looks like she just rolled off the production line. Fueled and ready as ordered. Now can you tell me what the hell is going on?

War Doc. War. Thanks for the info. Our secret storage areas? How much room we have?

Vettie we have enough room there to store a large army.

Ok Doc. I will be back in touch with you. Carry on as usual until further notice. Not a word Doc, not a word.

Aye, Commander....

When I got back to my office the Holo Vid was lit up. Hey Old Man, what is up with you? Long time no hear. Whats going on?
Smaga are you in secure mode?

Yes? Whats going on?

Smaga, Hashman and I had a meeting earlier today. The War Pigs just got in from near the Periphery States. Something big is going on and on its way to the Inner Sphere. Hash has made an offer that I think is worthy of consideration.

Go on....

We discussed detail as I sent over a proposal to Smaga.

Blood Pearl 2 is ready to move as soon as we load her. If you can get your ship here, I can have Doc get it readied. The Black Pearl should be in great shape already so it wouldnt take long. Hashman's ship is already here and being refitted. He is on planet and waiting for me to get back to him. If you can get here, we can have a meeting with him at Hacksaw's place.

Consider me in Vettie. I will pack up and be there in a couple of days. Have O'Hara file a flight plan for the Black Pearl. My inventory is battle ready. I will see you in just about 3 days.

Roger that. See you then Smaga.


Yes? Damnit, what the bloody hell do you want now?

Doc, the Black pearl will be here in 3 days. Priority refit and refuel. Make room in the storage area for off-loading of Commander Smaga's inventory. Thanks Doc.

Hello, Herendo. Long time my friend. I here you are working for ComStar news now?

Hey Vettie, my old friend. Yes, yes I am.

Congrats Herendo. I need your help.

Anything. You know I am deep debt to you. How can I help?

Herendo, I need you to get in touch with O'Hara and get her everything and anything on issues at the Periphery.

Vettie, what do you know about whats going on out there?

I dont, thats why I want the info to Maureen.. I just have a feeling its something really big.

Vettie, I am afraid you are right. Two words for you, Clans and Kerensky.

Get all you can to O'Hara as quickly as you can and keep it coming, especially the stuff that does not get reported. Thats where the meat is.

Ok Vettie, will do.

Thanks Herendo, and take care, stay safe.

Hashman, 3 days from now Smaga will be at Universal. We can meet at the Bistro and Holo Vid the rest of the pilots in as needed. That work for you?

Sounds great Vettie. See you I three. I am off to the casino and the buffet.

Vettie leaned back in his chair. What a day. Woke up feeling great, having a great morning, Universal making profit hand over foot and then this. Fortunes can change on a moments notice. Fortunes can change...
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I removed the quotes and the other offending character and it posted!!  :) 


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now where do my black ass come in this story? jp jp nice stories keep it up


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now where do my black ass come in this story? jp jp nice stories keep it up
I thought I threw it in one of the Other RP's maybe I didn't guess I will go Dig it up


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