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Author Topic: New One for ya, sort of  (Read 1263 times)


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New One for ya, sort of
« on: October 28, 2017, 01:23:34 pm »
Before the Battle of Luthien started, it gave me an idea for a new short story.

However, I managed to get myself sick and did not finish the story prior to the event ending.

So here is what I got done....

Universal Logistics

Universal Logistics was started many years ago as a cover for that infamous band of Pirates known as The Blood pearls.  In their day, the Pearls ran rampant through the Inner Sphere and eventually in the K Cluster, disrupting manufacturing and shipping of all kinds of Battlemechs and munitions as well as lining their pockets with stacks of C-Bills.
Universal was a cover on one of the home worlds of the Pearls and served as a legitimate business that allowed many dropships in and out for repairs, refuels and passengers without much suspicion from the Star League or Comstar.
Comstar did perfrom many audits and inspections throughout the years but rarely found anything but a few minor accounting errors or misplaced bills of lading for cross universal travel. Universal always paid the due taxes on time and kept very good records of activities associated with starports and the shipping/freight industries.
The grounds were very large having room for up to 7 jumpships in hangers plus 5 more for quick repairs. The refueling operations cound handle 10 jumpships at once and several smaller vessels at the same time.  The facilities were state of the art and well kept and maintained at all times. The prices charged for services were competitive with other star ports in the region making Universal Logistics a preferred stop for freighters and military transports of all types.
Many contracts were worked and signedfor the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere not really showing any favouritism to any. These contracts were mainly dedicated to the military vessels of all types, but did allow for civilian transport and/or freight as well. Most of the clients had no idea that when they turned over secret info of what, when and where to that their transports were headed, that they were actually giving that data to the on of the Commanders of the Blood Pearl Pirates to possibly be used against the House in some sort of raid in the future.
Underneath Universal Logistics housed once of the most advanced facilities in the Inner Sphere. Holding 3 Jumpships with room for 3 more, 6 Dropships, again with room for 6 more, 100 mech bays not including some 100 more for personal use, and a very deep, large inventory of fusion engines of all types, and a weapons cache of every weapon available. Some of these items were bought on the black market, some captured in raids on various worlds. some salvaged and repaired to like new working order and some just out and out stolen.
Commander Vettie had turned the day to day operations of the Blood Pearls facilities to Doc. Doc was a dedicated long term employee of the Pearls performing miriacles with Battlemechs over the years. Possibly the best mech tech in the Inner Sphere. He turned his duties over to Junior, his son who Doc had trained since the kid was 12 years old. He was Doc's greatest rival in retrofits, modifications, repairs and repairs to Mechs. The biggest difference between the two was Doc's experience, but the kid was coming along nicely.
Commander Vettie had turned his attention to Universal Logistics and keeping the top stop. Still a bit of a rebel, he did not wear business suits, although he did cut his hair and shave. To see him walk tunnels, or in the office area, you would not know that not only did he run the place, but owned everything including the grounds. He looked more like a passenger than an owner/business tycoon, possibly one of the richest men in the Inner Sphere.
The days were long and stressful. Lots of traffic in and outbound. Quoting repairs, making sure they happened on schedule, keeping the flow, well flowing. he often enjoyed a good cup of tea and a smoke in his office even though laws made smoking illegal except in designated areas. Vettie got around this by designating his office as a smoking area.
Vettie was kicked back in his office chair sipping tea and enjoying a smoke imported from Terra when his hologram sounded signifing that he had an incoming priority call. He looked out his office window as he really didnt want to be disturbed and to find his secretary had gone to lunch. Reluctantly he answered the hologram call.
Universal Logistics this is Vettie, how can I help you?
The video was breaking in and out, but the audio was fine. This is Commander Yamamoto of House Kurita. I need to speak urgently to whoever is in charge there.
This is Vettie, I am the CEO of Universal, what can I do for you? I see we have no current contracts with House Kurita.
I understand that. I have talked with my many contacts and they say Universal Logistics is the best logistics company and very possibly can fill our urgent needs.

Thank your contacts for me and if you will inform me as to your needs I will determine if Universal can be your supplier.
To do so, we need to go to a secure line, is that possible on your end?
Yes Commander.Should I switch now?
Please do Vettie and we will continue our discussion.
Ok sir, it is done. Comstar can not even break the cipher level on thi end.
Good Vettie. House Kurita is under seige from Clan Smoke Jaguar. They have cought us flatfooted and over run many of our worlds on a direct path to Luthien. Their intent is to crush Kurita and caputre Luthein leaving us as only a memory.
I have been following the many news reports but the picture they paint is not as bad as you describe. Hearing this news from a front line commander shines a different light.
Yes we have taken it pretty hard. Our inventories are near critical not to mention the number of brave warriors who have died defending not only their worlds but House Kurita as a whole.
So what can Universal do for you?
We ask that you provide transport and logistic support on Luthein and the surrounding planets. Through most of the Great Houses in the Inner Sphere, we have arranged to procure military hard ware, munitions, and battlemechs. The catch for us is that we must provide our own transport to the world or worlds that need the material. It has to be fast and stealthy. I wont lie to you Vettie, we have sent many ships out, but only 2 have returned. percetages of succesful fruns are very low, probably less than 20%. You will need to use your ships as The Clans know all of our markings and are either destroying ships on the ground or as soon as they reach airspace. House Kurita is willing to pay well over normal fees as well as bonus pay for early deliveries. We can refuel your vehicles but we will not be able to reapir any damages.
I see. How soon do you need an answer?
Expect response this time tomorrow. If Universal can not do we must find another. You have first bite.
Ok Commander. I will secure cal you this time tomorrow with an answer.
Thank you sir.
And with that Kurita broke the connection.
To do this, Vettie needed a plan. He decided to lock himself in the conference room and think about what it would take to make it work with minimal loss of men and materials.

Life is no respawn, enjoy this round


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