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General Discussion / Re: Been fun but moving on
« on: July 22, 2016, 05:26:29 am »
Via Concarne

Fare Thee Well MechWarrior


General Discussion / Re: Couple of dumb questions
« on: February 21, 2016, 06:13:46 pm »
Opera 9, i need to update to the new one but all my shits rigged up just right...

My home page is the speed dial, bunch one 1 touch buttons for sites i frequently access,bloodpearls.com, smurphy mwo my profile on mwo, a bunch of guild wars, fallout and elderscroll wiki stuff, youtube and hulu and a few subreddits.

General Discussion / Re: Canada Votes
« on: October 20, 2015, 05:33:33 am »
It was a great day for canada and therefore the world. As we see now the canadian PM is smearing the traditional butterscotch pudding on his face and clothes....

So yeah i don't know if yall saw it but central texas got nutshot by a bunch of rain on memorial day. The cops woke us up at like 3:30 am and said we had like20 minutes to get out so ma and i packed some clothes and sundries into a bag and put the "cow"puter in a water tight bag up high off the floor where it usually is and they got us out of there in a tank(i mean  a literal surplus MRAP our small town just had lying around...) about 6 hours later the waters were receded we left the shelter and we went back to find the porch turned 180 degrees around, an inch of mud on the ground and about a foot deep water mark on the walls ect. Long story short we've been living in a hotel for about the last 2.5 weeks and we're just now established in an apartment that just today got internet. we lost about 1/3 of our crap, and most of it was crap except for  a few books i had on a low shelf and a box of pictures and keepsakes but still we're doing ok for now.

I was careening around the intertubes and found this:



I'd say its about 70/30 to get stuck in dev hell, or fail in the American market but then pacific rim made almost a half billion counting oversees sales...

I never did see much of the original series' or books but they sure looked cool. I had the PS2 game though, but i never beat it. The fact that it was about mech that turned into  jet and i was hunting alien giants was kinda badass. I recall i went looking for the series but got sidetracked by captain harlock.

General Discussion / URBANMECH CONFIRMED(sorta)
« on: January 15, 2015, 11:08:30 pm »
in the town hall russ says there will be an urbie preorder package launching on the 20th to gauge interest in the avenging trash can. If they get enough cash they'll make em for real.

General Discussion / Re: Heavy Gear Assault
« on: January 09, 2015, 01:43:54 am »
I don't recall having much fun with heavy gear 2... might have to dig out my disc and see if it will reinstall, but i recall weaker training missions, not feeling connected to the story, dull missions, unsatisfying weapons. I remember pulling the trigger on an ac20 in mw3 it was nuts:BADADADDADADDDADABOOM. It feeling to twitchy or loose compared to mw, the gears didn't seem to have the personality of the mechs, they were too gundamy but weak... I had been playing mw2 for awhile when HG2 came out along side mw3, then mw4 came out the next year and i needed drive space...

Also, im not that confidant about mektek...

General Discussion / Re: Clan Theme Song
« on: June 02, 2014, 09:09:29 pm »
I've been meaning to bring this very issue up, as I've found, what I believe, the perfect song for us:

Heavy Metal Pirates, off of Black Sails At Midnight by Alestorm.


I heard about the concept of "Pirate Metal" about 6 or 7 months ago, and since I got these guys discography, I cannot hear that song without thinking mechwarrior and smiling. I've been using these guys(and some others, but mostly these guys) as my soundtrack for MWO. Seriously, listen to that and check these lyrics and tell me this song isn't about the blood pearls raiding and pillaging clan tech in giant stompy robots of cosmic steel(especially the chorus).

Sailing the seven seas of metal
 We thirst for blood, your ship is in our sights
 Taste a broadside from our cannons of steel
 Before our cutlasses of metal you shall kneel

 We are Heavy Metal Pirates
 We sail across the sky
 In our battleships of cosmic steel
 We're the terror up on high
 We are Heavy Metal Pirates
 Our cutlasses are true
 So give us all your treasure
 Or soon we'll come for you

 The wind is in our sails, and fate is on our side
 So raise the Jolly Roger and sail into the night
 We're warriors of steel upon the Spanish Main
 No quarter for the poseurs, we'll bring 'em death and pain

 We are Heavy Metal Pirates
 We sail across the sky
 In our battleships of cosmic steel
 We're the terror up on high
 We are Heavy Metal Pirates
 Our cutlasses are true
 So give us all your treasure
 Or soon we'll come for you

edit: other good songs by them to chack out, Back Through Time, Barret's Privateers, Rum(I think i played this one over coms once "RUM! RUM! RUM! YARRRRRR! RUM! RUM! AHOY!"), Death throes of the terror squid.... fuck it's all gold, you can put a playlist up of all their stuff and you got 3+ hours of badass story songs about drinking, fighting, revenge, and pillaging.

General Discussion / Re: Huuruu Nagma
« on: April 02, 2014, 03:53:08 pm »
Google translate thinks its maori

Teh Zawanae gasmaneh.
Namade schakne takane, Sur.
Banga perfume of the hammer on gasma Teh.

General Discussion / Re: I'm having a bad day...
« on: March 11, 2014, 06:46:48 pm »
words cant say how sorry i am to hear of your loss.loosing someone close to you is always a difficult thing. have you considered the past few years has been a job and you could continue to do it domestic caregivers get decent pay
Well on the one hand one of the openings around here is n fact in the cafeteria/dishwasher of a rehab/assisted living place, on the other my mom used to work as a receptionist in a place like that... it was heavy, ambulance came like every other hour, people dying all the time. I mentioned my grandma was whatever the opposite of a hypochondriac is and that was one of the reasons, she was terrified of a home... I mean I'm likely going to apply at it and other places for sure but still... As an actual registered nurse or caregiver, I don't think I have the heart to go through that again...

There's also a smoke shop (http://planetktexas.com/) like a 15-20 minute walk from my place that's got a hiring sign out front, I was going to(and still am) going to apply there when it hit the fan, it looks like an interesting retail environment. I've never smoked anything in my life, though I'm sure I can sell the shit... i mean tobacco sells itself right? I know how E-cigs, pipes, hookas and all that shit works, just not how it taste, it would just be a matter of googling the inventory to get reviews on flavors and trends. Also I'm pretty sure I got smoke wafting out of my headset after a night on hashman's comms so i'm sure there's a wealth of knowledge I can tap...

Like I said, I got prospects, this i a college town, most of the labor pool is temp students who leave at the breaks but I can go full time as a local, just got to get in the pool.

General Discussion / I'm having a bad day...
« on: March 10, 2014, 09:35:08 pm »
My grandma died earlier to day, just slumped over waiting for breakfast, passed out in mom's arms and never woke up. I was at the library at the time, I get back about noon and EMTs and police are swarming around the house asking questions about how she died... being that she had a doctor phobia, like we say you need to see a doctor, she'd throw a fit like we asked if she wanted scorpions in her pants, she wasn't under observation or some shit like that so i'm watching them grill my mom on her eating habits, why she's not on meds and bunch of shit... The irony here is that we actually did manage to convince her to get checked out by this place that does house calls, took reconnecting with an estranged son to do it but like a few hours after we started making calls to verify the health care shit, she just dropped dead...

So here's the situation, for the past decade or so I and my mother's lives have basically revolved around trying to keep her out of a home, from our daily scheduled which revolves around here eating habits, to the places we live(accessibility), to the jobs we could take(someones got to make her a sandwich and tune in her radio make sure she dont fall...). Her death leaves us with a lot of free time in which to pursue employment, however the loss of her pension leaves our household with a gap in income. We have prospects but it may be going to get rough round here for awhile. I haven't been on in prime time as much as I've wanted to lately, been getting some quick rounds in the daytme or latenight, but now I may have even less time.

Now I got to ask a huge favor, as i said basically staying home to look after the family has left me with a spotty work history and a lack of references. I'm sure there's entry level work around here, but most job applications ask for contacts that aren't related(which when you're sole goal in life has been to make ham sandwiches and meatloaf and make sure gram doesnt trip on the way to the can and fill the free time with stompy explodey robots you don't really come by...) so I was wondering if there's any chance I could use some of you guys as references.

If anyone has advice or wisdom at this point I could use it, shit's getting bleak...

General Discussion / Re: MoooPologies
« on: October 26, 2013, 07:15:27 am »
Hell I've been having insomnia the past few weeks and been playing weird hours. I may not get in the drops but im making them cbills

General Discussion / Re: Mechwarrior OnLine Launch trailer on YouTube
« on: September 18, 2013, 02:59:35 pm »
Is that huge 20v20 thing going to happen eventually or is that bit bs? Also I remember the atlases had glowing eyes but they don't anymore...

General Discussion / Re: C3
« on: August 04, 2013, 01:54:58 pm »
our TS stuff is still up right?

General Discussion / Re: No booty....
« on: July 19, 2013, 12:32:12 pm »
I forgot to mention, I got the RMA in the ups on monday. It should be on its way.

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